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I love beauty. It's not my fault.

-- Valentino Garavani

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I never thought I’d own a rat, until my girlfriend brought home two. The brown and white one was my favorite — so smart and eager to discover the world. She showed me her dynamism and joy for life. The tough part is that rats only live two or three years. I’ll always remember their little bodies in my hand, breathing slowly, and looking at me with their smart eyes. I miss them.
— By Cyprien Delpuech

This photo is from Vama Veche, Romania, a beach resort. That night, while strolling on the beach I passed the most popular bar there, a bar right on the beach where people gather around a big funky wooden light-pole and dance and party and feel free. In the noise and in the big crowd I saw something beautiful and true, a kiss between two strangers that seemed to be in their own little world. I always like to question about the subjects of my photo. Who were they, did they met there at the seaside, were they already together, were they drunk or really in love? But all that doesn’t matter, because the moment remains in this photo, the kiss from Vama Veche, the place to enjoy life, to find true love, and LIVE!
— By Teodora #wwswords

Perhaps a black and white shot of your wife and newborn son is cliche, but I don’t mind that. Quite simply, there hasn’t been anything more meaningful in my life than the birth of Leo and the impact it has had on Leslie and me. We didn’t plan for him, but giving birth as expats in Germany, far from our closest friends and family, somehow bonded us all within such a short period of time it was nothing short of astonishing. Leslie never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment, and the smile on her face as she held Leo still fills me with joyful emotion.
— By Kevin Fallon

This photo is meaningful to me because it was Henri Cartier-Bresson that got me interested in photography and especially street photography. From the start I was amazed by the way he was able to capture that fleeting moment in time. A look, an expression, a movement, a situation. Often done with a touch of humour. This past September I was able to see an exhibition of his work in Paris. Needless to say it was a thrill to finally see his work other than in books. This photo was taken as I was leaving the exhibition. I must have been especially inspired as this scene caught my eye. It was a fleeting moment; he must have felt he was being photographed because as I pressed the shutter he turned to look at me. Although I will certainly never be in his league this is my homage to Mr. Cartier-Bresson.
— By Louise LeGresley (submitted to “Life Before Your Eyes” #wwswords

I met Virginia in Seville, Spain. She was my driving instructor and for a brief summer (2008) I was charmed by her half gypsy blood looks, flamenco dancing, fiery temper, and proud humble origins. Her father worked as a fisherman down on the docks and she was intent on getting ahead and working hard to get there. The last time I saw her we drank glasses of “tinto de verano” and ate bread with octopus marinated in its ink in the square overshadowed by the vast towering converted cathedral minaret they call La Giralda.
— By Rupert Eden